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David Hamilton. Neither Democracy and Equality nor free markets are enough to hold a people together. Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
This is the view I remarked in “Filling the Reality Gap” where people think they are creating a new nation. This follows the idea that if you get the premise right the right conclusion will follow, accidents and circumstances prevent the perfect conclusion
NewsRoom No Political Correctness
David Hamilton. Child Rape - The Spoils of War By Mister Fox. British National Party Councillor Sharon Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
Wilkinson listened to the story of a lady living in the war zone in a Northern Mill Town. Hundreds of white girls, many as young as 12, are being lured into group sex and prostitution by gangs of British born Pakistani men from West and South Yorkshire
NewsRoom No Political Correctness
David Hamilton. The major issue is race, followed by gender and orientation. The EU promotes this Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
ideology. The news reporting is managed and EU and UN schemes to discriminate against whites are kept from the public. People can not revolt against something if they do not know its happening
NewsRoom No Political Correctness
Importing Death. New-born babies are now tested for TB in UK hospitals - Tuberculosis had nearly been Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
eradicated in this country but third world immigrants have brought it back. It was the biggest killer in the UK in the 19th century. The first duty of Government is to protect the population, for sixty years successive governments have been neglecting their responsibility
NewsRoom No Political Correctness
David Cameron and the Anti-White Alliance. On Tommy Boyd's talk Radio show of 17 February Weyman Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
Bennett described David Cameron as a supporter of the Marxist UAF! Are the Conservatives, we wonder, still the patriotic party or a Con that pretends to support the nation but when in power carry on with the work of the Labour Party? Bennet accused the BNP of violence
NewsRoom No Political Correctness
The Persecution of Prince Harry and the Secret War. The news in January 2009 was dominated by Prince Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
Harry calling an army colleague of Pakistani origin a Paki. This is the same as us being called a Brit - a compliment if you are proud of your country. He joked that the equipment another was wearing made him look like a raghead.
NewsRoom No Political Correctness
Defensive Alliance Against Axis Of Socialist - Totalitarians. Many governments - Jordanian, Egyptian, Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
Moroccan, Spanish, French, and American - have protested London's refusal to shut down its Islamist terrorist infrastructure and its refusal to extradite wanted operatives. British Muslim communities shelter extremists and illegal immigrants
NewsRoom No Political Correctness
Britain - Centre of World Terrorism. If anything defeats common sense it is trying to understand how Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
the "establishment", the "elites," see the world around them. They believe that somehow this racial chaos will merge into multi-racial harmony. It is a Marxist view and after chaos or breakdown it will becomes a multi-racial utopia. Margaret Hodge made a similar point
NewsRoom No Political Correctness
David Hamilton:Western Elites are Surrendering Us to Islam Is immigration an accident? No, it is Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
importing cheap labour and votes without understanding the consequences. The rulers try to build a multi-racial society from mixed motives: some, high-minded ideals, others exploit this to import cheap labour.
NewsRoom No Political Correctness
There is an offence involving a knife every 24 minutes of the day in England.There were over 5,500 Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
serious crimes involving knives in just three months this year - one every 24 minutes. That is 55 knife-related murders and more than 2,000 stabbings. And that figure does not include data from Northamptonshire, Somerset and Lincolnshire
NewsRoom No Political Correctness
David Hamilton: De-humanising the victims The Political Cesspool has resumed broadcasting Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
October the 26th is the anniversary of a unique event in England, a bomb attack on an mp’s home in 1965.
This is a lesson that de-humanising a politician could have fatal consequences as happened to Pym Fortuyn and Theo Van Goch
NewsRoom No Political Correctness
David Hamilton On Winston Churchill & Immigration Those who dare call for control and common Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
sense in open-door immigration are demonised as "Nazis and Racists" by the dominant Socialist-communists, and the New Left which took over in the 70.s. This is highly offensive as many lost family fighting Nazism and we had a long and noble tradition of conserving
NewsRoom No Political Correctness
David Hamilton: Of the Eight arrested of the car bombers who attempted to bomb London and Glasgow, Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
Six are National Health Service doctors. Even the most willful dreamers can no longer pretend that poverty, discrimination and "exclusion" are what impels young Muslims in Britain and the Islamic states to extremist xtremist clerics who turn them into terrorists
NewsRoom No Political Correctness
David Hamilton: Utopian idealists against our nation and people We are led to believe that mass Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
immigration is a blessing to us and that only Enoch Powell and a few narrow-minded and prejudiced people have ever seen danger in it. All decent folk of good will, we are told, have embraced this break in our national continuity as a sign of enlightenment with people
NewsRoom No Political Correctness
David Hamilton: The New Left: Destroying our Children. Since the decline of our traditional, Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
aristocratic rulers and the growth of unhealthy values like tolerance and cultural relativism we have been plunging into crime and degeneracy which has harmed our young people and is now spreading to the rural middle classes. If we take an odyssey through our present
NewsRoom No Political Correctness
D.E.Clarke - Requesting confirmation of the constitutional legality of the The current Lord Mayor of Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
Coventry (Cllr. Ram Lakha) and that of his predecessor (Cllr. Sucha Bains.) I have recently been researching constitutional law after reading an article concerning the Act of Settlement 1701 and other Acts and believe that serious & fundamental questions arising
NewsRoom No Political Correctness
D.E.Clarke - Wfm Works For Me - Ethnic Recruitment I have unfortunately been unemployed for some Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
considerable time and am a regular reader of WFM in the capacity of critical observer of the activities of the race relations industry. Leaving aside the over-arching question of the legitimacy of the subtitle, content, marketing, distribution and funding of WfM, I can no
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