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Could this be you ??
The NewsRoom section of this website is currently seeking 'Three' anchor / resident Columnists.

These three Columnists will be the stars of the show, and will occupy the positions above currently occupied by the three 'Specimens'
However, a Column could be undertaken as a 'Collaborative' venture between friends.

You will need to have a thorough dislike for the mind numbing thought control that is known as 'Political Correctness' and you will also have to have an understanding of Nationalist concerns.

You will also have to understand and accept that the public sections of the NewsRoom are open to all, and accepts all points of view as long as they abide by the NewsRoom rules
This could include less than complimentary comments about your Column / articles.
( Such is the nature of Anti Political Correctness )

It goes without say that you must have plenty on your mind that you would like to talk about, and have the ability to put it into type ready for publication.
External links to support your articles are ok.

Money ? Nothing, nil, nowt, zilch !!

Financial rewards are still some way of, we have a cultural and political battle to win first, but we ARE winning.
Financial rewards when they arrive will not be less than 50% to the Columnist.

But that is quite some time in the future.

For the present,
your rewards will be Karma, street cred, the fame/notoriety of being one of the Columnist's on Sean Bryson's website.
Plus the knowledge and satisfaction that you are being heard and making a difference.
( This website is quite busy )

oldsite.org is an equal opportunity "Defender"

Before you make any decision,
please read the NewsRoom rules

Did you remember to sign our NewsRoomGuest Book ?

Thank you for visiting.
Come again soon ...... Sean Bryson

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